Do you have to replace your roofing or repair it? If you're having any work done, how
can you be certain that you're getting quality work for the money you're investing?

It's sometimes challenging in today's market to be completely confident in any
company you hire. Brian's Roof Repair LLC is committed to providing the
highest quality service with a standard lifetime material labor warranty.

What does this mean to you? You can be confident that this
company is committed to doing your job right the first time.

Some of the Services Provided:
Of course, roof repair and replacement including asphalt and fiberglass shingles,
slate, cedar and wood shake, and others, lo-slope roofing or flat roofs like hot tar and
rubber roofs, Other repairs to chimneys, ridge vents, attic vents, pipe flashings, flu pipes,
gutters and spouts, gutter guards with lifetime clog-free warranties, wood and metal fascia
trim, siding repairs. Contact me (Brian) to see how I may be able to help your needs today!

Call Brian: 410-667-ROOF (7663) / / Freeland, Maryland 21053